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Result of Semester-2 Exams April 2019
Posted on:May 3 2019

Result of Semester-2 Exams April 2019 is hereby provisionally declared. Adequate care has been taken in preparing the result. However, errors or omissions, if any, must be brought to the knowledge of the Vice Principal within one week of declararion of this result, i.e. before 11 May so that the matter may be taken up with the university. Those who failed to clear the backlog examinations shall not be eligible for admission to the next higher class. Anyone who failed in more than two papers is considered failed in toto and she must repeat in the same class and all papers in the examination afresh.

Classes will resume from 6th May. Admission fees for 3rd semester must be payed before end of May. There is no need for submitting any appllication form for admission for the current students.

B.A 2nd Semester

B.COM 2nd Semester