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Managing Committee

Functions of the Managing Committe and Governig Body of the College

The basic function of the Managing Committee is to ensure that the college accomplishes its avowed objectives in a time bound manner. The Board does this primarily through its role in determining policies, strategies, mobilizing resources at its disposal by allocating funds while keeping an eye on the trends and challenges in higher education and empowerment of women through access and education.

The Managing Committee evaluates and sets educational policy by acting upon recommendations of the faculty as brought before it; it makes appointments to the college faculty and staff on recommendation of the Principal. It determines financial policy by approving the budget and working on plans on its initiation or on recommendation of  the Principal. The Managing Committee primarily takes all important policy decisions in compliance with Acts, statutes, notifications and orders passed by the regulating authorities from time. It has exclusive control over all matters relating to finance and major expenditure on capital assets. The Principal and staff execute the decisions and run the day to day routine administration of all academic and co-curricular activities.


Digntaries of the S. D. Jain Samaj Dimapur

Shri Omprakash Sethi
President, Shri Digamber Jain Samaj, Dimapur

Shri Praksh Chand Ajmera
Secretary, Shri Digamber Jain Samaj, Dimapur

Shri Kishore Kumar Kashliwal
Secretary, College Managing Committee

Shri Anil Jain
Former Advisor, College Managing Committee

Shri Pankaj Sethi Sethi
Joint Secretary, College Managing Committee

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