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Internal Complaints Committee

If any memeber of the S.D. Jain Girls College at any point in time during their stay in the college premises feels that any other person is making unwelcome sexual advances or using sexual overtones in their behaviour or subjecting the potential victim to any kind of sexual harrassment, he/she may lodge a complaint with the college authoties by calling 03862-232754, 230230, 9862042555, 9485200990. Or, she may raise a concern with any member of the the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC).

Memebrs of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
Alotoli K Awomi Asst Professor Dept of Political Science 8575131147 [email protected]
Lilly Ngullie Asst Professor Dept of English 9774276299 [email protected]
Abeni Kikon Asst Professor Dept of Sociology 8974036427 [email protected]
Kayini Kayina Asst Professor Dept of English 9436064856 [email protected]

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